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“These words which I command you today shall be in your heart. You shall teach them diligently to your children.

This passage from Deuteronomy 6 has spoken to thousands of families over the years, and continues to do so today. It reminds us that parents are first and foremost responsible for our children’s education.

God knows what is best for your children, and providing them with an education based on His Word gives them all the tools they need for life.


With its structured, student-orientated approach to learning, the Accelerated Christian Education curriculum is perfect for home educators.

It has been used successfully at home by Mums & Dads just like you all over the world for 50 years!

Discover more about the methodology of the curriculum, and read the testimonies of graduates who have been blessed by it for years, by going to the Curriculum page.


The International Certificate of Christian Education exists to provide Christian qualifications at a high standard for students studying on the Accelerated Christian Education programme throughout the world.



A survey conducted between 1995 and 1996 revealed that, although convinced about Christian home education, many families felt isolated and would appreciate support from experienced Christian educators who also home educate their children. For this reason, Christian Education Europe decided to establish TEACH, a distance learning support organisation which now has over 600 families and more than 1,000 children.

  • Michelle Davies
    Michelle Davies TEACH Administrator

    Michelle, or Minnie as most people call her, is also a graduate of the ACE curriculum. Her parents started an ACE school when she was nine, but then moved to Leeds to pastor a church there, and so Michelle has experienced being a homeschool student as well. She graduated with a Level 3 NCSC certificate, and then went to university. Michelle loves tea, and really, really wants an office pet, but at present has to settle for looking after the TEACH office plant.

    • Becky Penberthy-Smith
      Becky Penberthy-Smith TEACH National Coordinator

      Becky & her husband John home educated their two daughters, Hannah & Abigail, through the ACE curriculum for over 15 years. As her girls have now finished their home education, she wants to help encourage other parents on their journey of home education, and so in 2015 she became the National Coordinator for TEACH. She especially has a heart to support new TEACH families as they are starting out on their ACE journey.

      • Nathan Field
        Nathan Field TEACH Manager

        Nathan studied with ACE all the way from ABCs Learning to Read to NCSC Advanced Level. After working in IT for six years, and gaining a BSc in Computing, Nathan joined TEACH in 2015 with the aim of helping home educators enjoy the same fantastic experience that he had. He likes coffee and eating copious amounts of food. Nathan’s wife Becky is also a graduate of ACE, and they are looking forward to starting their daughter, Phoebe, on the ACE curriculum!


        Start your home education journey on the right foot.

        • 1. Register

          So you’ve decided to join TEACH, that’s great! Simply start your monthly subscription of £12 by going to shop.christian-education.org/teach-membership and we’ll be in touch to help you get started!

        • 2. Training

          Before you start your children on the ACE curriculum, we ask that you complete our TEACH Parent Training PACE! This will be posted to you with the TEACH Handbook when you sign up and will help you learn everything you need to know about home educating with ACE!

        • 3. Diagnostics

          When you sign up, we will also explain where your children can take diagnostic testing online for free, which will mean they start at a level specific to their individual abilities.

        • 4. Begin!

          All done! We will send you a training certificate, and create a diagnostic prescription specific to each child, so you know exactly what materials to order. And you’re on your way!

        • 5. Any Questions?

          We are here to help you and your children on your educational journey, so we'll be in touch to answer any questions you may have. Not sure about something? Just ask!



        At Events…

        We host the European Student Convention and TEACH Camp, as well as regular events around the country.

        …Or Online

        Our members’ section includes access to District Representatives, helpful downloads, and local groups!


        If you’re ready to get started then just sign up online and we’ll take care of the rest! Or if you’ve got more questions then keep reading or get in touch!

        Home Educated Graduates

        • "The broad range of subjects compulsory in the ICCE General and Intermediate Certificates really helped me to find my areas of interest."

          Anna Ryland-Jones
          Anna Ryland-Jones Music Student
        • "The depth of material covered, particularly the physics and math subjects, put me in good stead for my flight training."

          Luke Allen
          Luke Allen Missionary Pilot
        • "ACE prepared me for university academically, through the rigorous grammar and literature course, and personally, as the goal-setting & independent study methods."

          Emily Jones
          Emily Jones English Teacher
        • "Learning with a curriculum based on the Word of God blessed me immensely, and continues to be a blessing to me...I know the character building of homeschooling has played a massive part in my life and work ethic."

          Josh Dharmanandan
          Josh Dharmanandan Software Engineer
        • "ACE gave me the opportunity to escape and embrace another side of learning – a curriculum that encouraged effort, integrity, and yearning of knowledge."

          Thomas Churchill
          Thomas Churchill College Student

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