Reading – A Key to Independent Learning

The Accelerated Christian Education Programme is centered around mastery learning through the core curriculum of PACE subjects. Each packet of educational material builds systematically on an ever-widening depth and breadth of information, exploring a subject discipline that recognises God in all things as the Author of life.

Children meet with the truth of God’s world and His people in it from the very start of this learning journey. However, there is a vital key to unlocking this experience and opening a child’s potential to learn and grow at his own speed and explore the diversity the PACEs offer. That key is reading.

A child must learn to read before becoming an independent learner, ready to reach for every revelation of the pages of God’s Word and to absorb the opportunities in the academic programme.

The ABCs course provides the doorway to fluent phonic reading, along with the recently developed seven Advanced Sounds PACEs that further amplify and solidify the process towards confi dent reading. These PACEs are provided in a friendly, fun format with illustrations and characters that will draw the children to reach the goal of reading for growing in knowledge and wisdom—and towards a life that expresses Him for all to see.

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