One More Voice

Art is expression outside the common use of normal conversation. It is an extension of an idea, belief, or feeling someone has. It can be used in all sorts of capacities and in many amazing ways. Not only does it help people to appreciate beautiful things, it also is a useful tool that helps organisations and businesses to flourish.
Art is a voice. It is an observation. It is a possibility. It is a statement.
In Genesis 1:1 it says: “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”
God was the first Master of the arts. Even today as we look at creation, we can be awestruck at the beauty and majesty of His created works. He could have made a completely functional world, where everything worked the same and looked the same, but instead He gave us colours and sounds, light with different shades, animals of different shapes and sizes; He made the sky appear blue in the day, and at night He made it sparkle!
He didn’t have to be so ‘extra’ about it—but He was.
When we observe what He has done, we begin to understand that God cares about presentation, imagination, and out of the box thinking (the platypus, anyone?).
When God created us humans, He shared with us the same desire to express ourselves creatively. Some of us were given talents to sing, or create visual art, or think outside the box. Some of us were given the ability to appreciate and use art to send a message or make a statement.
In the body of Christ, the Church, creativity should be encouraged. The artists among you have something to say. It may not be heard from the front of a pulpit, or discussed at a Bible study, or shared in a testimony, but it can be just as powerful.
Encourage the artists in your homes, schools, and churches. Give them opportunities to share their talents and express their hearts for the Lord in their way. If you don’t, you are limiting what God has placed within that person. Help them to share their voice.
There are many artists on social media platforms such as Instagram who use their talents, not only to make a living, but also to glorify God and encourage those who see their work. Check out the artists below and let us know if you are an artist or you know of one. We would love to see your work.
God ‘s Fingerprints
A husband and wife team who use their artistic talents to share God’s truth through art and lettering. Their work was made famous by their image of a fingerprint made up with one verse from every book of the Bible.  godsfingerprints.co
Stefan Kunz
Stefan is an artist who focuses on merging lettering with photography. This is a combination that is very effective in sending a message. Stefan often creates images that promote Christian messages and values to his followers. typoxphoto.com
Andrea Howey
Andrea uses hand-lettered words to strengthen people in their faith. She uses Scripture and uplifting quotes in her pictures and on her merchandise. Her creations can be found in the form of posters, cards, and on apparel. andreahowey.com
Do you see a man skillful in his work? He will stand before kings; he will not stand before obscure men. Proverbs 22:29

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