Look Up

…Son of man, look with your eyes, and hear with your ears, and set your heart upon all that I shall show you, for you were brought here in order that I might
show it to you…
Ezekiel 40:4

I enjoy Instagram as much as the next person. Following art accounts and National Geographic photographers gives me some great insight into the things I am interested in. Social media can be a useful thing. Facebook and Whatsapp give me instant access to my friends in México and Malaysia, the news is just a click away, and if I want to be inspired I can just scroll through my Instagram feed for images of faraway places and exciting ideas.
However, it’s not all glitter and rainbows. Social media can also be a huge stumbling block. I was talking to a friend recently about how many of the posts and images on these sites are actually just a filtered version of reality. We look at cropped and edited versions of other people’s lives and then can start to feel inadequate about our own. We comment about and get into arguments with people we don’t even know, while completely disregarding those who are sitting in the same room. We scroll through countless memes in the time we could be thinking about new ideas, building friendships, and practising our gifts.
Meanwhile, life goes by, opportunities are missed, sights are not seen, and we have a generation of social media clones living to appear to be liberated individuals instead of actually living as liberated individuals.
We need to look up, set aside our devices and, live our lives. To know the value of time with God and man over the price of a tablet. To use social media as a tool to share truth and encouragement, but not allow it to hinder our purpose. Time is precious. Let’s not allow a commodity to rob us of true experiences. Let’s learn to live life unfiltered.

By M. Davies.

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