Considering Bible College?-Connor Lord

I was at a crossroads a couple of years ago, trying to decide what to do with my life. On the one hand, I had the opportunity to attend a fine furniture- making school and be trained in carpentry. On the other, I would go into some sort of ministerial role. There were a few other opportunities besides. I eventually decided to attend Edinburgh Theological Seminary (ETS) to test my calling into ministry and to deepen my own working knowledge of the Bible and Biblical doctrine. An added bonus to this option was that the Bachelor of Theology course at ETS is an actual degree accredited with the University of Glasgow.
I would absolutely recommend Bible College to others. The knowledge I have gained has not only helped me in my own walk with the Lord, but has also helped me tremendously in ministering to others. Any person considering Bible College or Seminary would greatly benefi t from the deep grounding in the Word that places like ETS provide.
If you’re thinking of going to Bible College, look for somewhere where you will be challenged to use the information you’re learning in the real world. There is an emphasis at ETS on using our knowledge to better serve in our local churches. Don’t look for somewhere that will wrap you in a Christian bubble and not stretch you to minister to a lost and dying world with the information you are learning on your course.
One thing I really love about my course at ETS is that it is devotional as well as academic. All of the tutors/professors are either ministers or elders in local churches, and so this grounds the course in the realities of life while at the same time providing a stimulating setting for intellectual growth. The information we learn ministers to our hearts as it enters our heads, and this is because of the way the course is taught.
My time at ETS has been greatly helping me in a number of ways. There have been many things I have learned that have helped me in my personal walk with the Lord, in helping others draw close to God, and in my ability to think through Biblical issues calmly and critically. ETS has been SO helpful in my growth as a follower of Christ.

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