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Starting a Christian School

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What Is A Christian School?

Education can be defined as the passing on of the knowledge, skills and culture of a society from one generation to the next.

So why do we need Christian schools?

A sophisticated society cannot teach everything it knows to everyone. It has to reach consensus on what are the fundamentally important things which all should know, and what can belong to later specialist teaching. There has to be a selection and the beliefs and values of the society will set the agenda.

A secular society will inevitably make choices and promote knowledge according to its current understanding of what its people require to be successful and its definition of ‘success’ will change according to circumstances. However, a successful secular education will produce a generation with a secular way of looking at the world.


A Christian society endeavours to live according to its understanding of what God requires. Its definition of success is primarily related to how far it is able to live according to those high standards. Its idea of a successful education will be one which produces young people with a Christian worldview.

In the 1960s the church began to see young people raised in Christian homes leaving the faith in large and increasing numbers. Some ministers began to see this as a result of a successful secular education and desired to set up schools in no way inferior to the secular model, but which would enable young people from Christian families to retain their faith.

A Christian School is one which starts history with creation and man’s responsibility for what went wrong; one whose mandate is from Philippians 4:8: “whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report;…think on these things;” one which celebrates learning, promotes understanding, and encourages wisdom, not merely the application of little-understood formulae to new situations.


Christian Education should provide a whole package for the whole person and lead to success academically, spiritually, physically, emotionally, socially, and even economically. It should result in people who are able to contribute in works of service to the church and to the world. They should be able to spread the gospel and take their place in church and civil life. It should produce fully educated leaders, people who can think originally and creatively and be able to stand up for God’s kingdom in a corrupted world.

What Ofsted Says

  • School’s leaders are deeply committed to its further improvements.

  • "Staff are passionate about providing an excellent foundation for pupils from which they can develop in the world."

  • "Students behave well and are unfailingly courteous and polite."

  • "Students show respect for diversity, including people of different faiths."

  • "Students develop self-esteem and positive attitudes to learning."

  • "Curriculum is proficient in mathematics, reading and communication and prepares students well for the next stage in their education. "

  • "Curriculum promotes British values effectively."

Christian School Graduates

  • "Looking back I definitely feel privileged to have been supported in such a Godly way by my parents and teachers and to have had a safe environment to grow and learn."

    Daniel Sweet
    Daniel Sweet Research Portfolio Officer
  • "My heart´s desire is to see people transformed and alive in Jesus Christ, and this can be done through the Arts."

    Laura Lewis
    Laura Lewis Creative Director
  • "ACE gave me purpose, a sense of direction, and ultimately helped me to develop an 'attitude of excellence' in regards to my work ethic and character."

    Naomi Coote
    Naomi Coote Marketing Assistant
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