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We recognise the importance of educators educating educators. For that reason we host events that resource students, parents, and teachers for the vital work that they do.

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TEACH Camp is a annual event that brings TEACH families together for fun, fellowship, & teaching. There are family activities, a graduation ceremony, testimonies aplenty, a coffee bar, a family concert, an art exhibition, and inspiring sessions with a full children & youth programme. For all these reasons and many more, TEACH Camp is not to be missed!

Teaching & Assessment Day

Teaching & Assessment Day

This In-service day is designed to provide training in all aspects of delivering a valuable Additional Curriculum, beyond the ACE Core Curriculum. As well as inspirational sessions on vital topics, we will present useful forms, samples, graphs and charts to support your learning goals and help you evidence outcomes.

Yearly Highlights

Our main three events of the year are the European Student Convention, TEACH Camp, and Christian Educators’ Conference.

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Essential Training

In addition to these dynamic events, we also hold regular training courses which aim to provide Christian educators with all the tools needed to fulfill their calling!

Professional Training Course
Professional Training Course

The 5-day course simulates the methodology and procedures of running a learning centre.

Training For Governors
Training For Governors

This essential course helps you grow the team and build best practice for a sturdy future.

Schools On Track
Schools On Track

Thinking of starting a school? This course provides a framework for you to function on solid foundations.

  • "My heart´s desire is to see people transformed and alive in Jesus Christ, and this can be done through the Arts."

    Laura Lewis Creative Director
  • "The depth of material covered, particularly the physics and math subjects, put me in good stead for my flight training."

    Luke Allen Missionary Pilot
  • "Looking back I definitely feel privileged to have been supported in such a Godly way by my parents and teachers and to have had a safe environment to grow and learn."

    Daniel Sweet Research Portfolio Officer
  • "ACE prepared me for university academically, through the rigorous grammar and literature course, and personally, as the goal-setting & independent study methods."

    Emily Jones English Teacher
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